The DUALFLOW PLUS® M14-UL provides a premium experience,and satisfies our customer base seeking an alternative to more expensive hands-in style hand dryers. M14 is extremely powerful and offers HEPA filtration at a fraction of the cost of most hands-in units, plus, it collects water leaving the floors dry. There is also "a Kit" available to connect a drain hose tu run the water down to the drainpipe. Green Spec approved.


MACHFLOW® M09-UL: Combines a very powerful airflow with low power usage (only 450W). Super high speed hand dryer that blasts air up to 203 MPH and dries hands in record fast times! (less than 15 seconds). High quality, durable, vandal resistant, energy efficient, high speed electric hand dryer. Plus, the Machflow M09 is among the quietest of hogh speed hand dryers with an amazingly low decibel range for fast hand dryers. Universal voltage (100-240V) help older buildings installations. A very reliable high speed eco hand dryer. Green Spec approved.


Our top seller - SPEEDFLOW® M06-UL - An ADA compliant, surface mounted high speed and dryer (10 - 15 seconds), has a manual adjustment to reduce the noise level in certain environments. The sleek shallow design allows to be installed without a recess kit and still meet the 4'' maximum protrusion required for ADA applications. Easy & convenient to install as the voltage (100-240V) adjusts automatically, saving on installation time. Green Spec approved.

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Although sometimes choosing a hand dryer is an afterthought, it is important to choose the right one. Saniflow Corp offers the largest selection of modern hand dryers, with options in different finishes, decibel level, traffic level, vandal resistant, & ADA compliant, always at the best value.

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