Hand dryer versus paper towel
Are you spending too much money on paper towels?
15 September, 2016

Mid-Atlantic Buildings & Facilities Management Show 2015

Green high speed hand dryers

We hope you were able to visit our booth during the 10th annual MABFM Show at Garden State Center and that you had the chance to test our Green High Speed hand dryers. Saniflow offers one of the most complete lines of hand dryers in the market today, ranging from Green eco-friendly dryers to more traditional models ready to accommodate any washroom system.

Why is Saniflow your best choice?

Our most recent line of hand dryers, the Green Line, are a perfect accessory for washroom facilities aspiring to reduce their operating costs and  also imptove the sustainability performance of the building. Saniflow’s Green High speed dryers consume less than 10 Amps per drying cycle, lowering the drying time, the energy consumption, and saving up to 90% on paper towel costs.

More Information

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