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Our Company

Saniflow Hand Dryer Corp. has established itself as one of North America’s leading brands of eco-friendly hand-drying solutions. We offer the largest selection of fast, stylish, and energy-efficient products, designed to fit every type of washroom facility.

Our company works with design professionals, contractors, owners, and facility managers to ensure that every project gets the right dryers for its needs. Our products are in use in highly recognizable office buildings, entertainment centers, shopping facilities, schools and universities throughout North America.

Our Responsibility

We stand behind our products and consider every sale as the beginning of a customer service relationship.

We are equally committed to sustainability in operations. We use a combination of new and recycled materials, many of them also recyclable, and have instituted advanced waste stream separation in manufacturing. Our eco-friendly high-speed range are perfect choices for achieving sustainability goals – contributing to points for LEED credits in new buildings, renovation projects, and sustainability upgrades.

Our Mission

We are committed to offering our customers comprehensive solutions for their needs in hand dryers and bathroom accessories, with innovatively designed and high-performance products.

Saniflow Corp. takes great pride in providing high quality products, engineered in accordance with the strictest international quality and safety standards.

Hand Dryer Technology
and Manufacturing Resources – at the Leading Edge.

Our locations

Saniflow Corporation (USA)

3325 NW 70th Avenue. Miami, Florida 33122

Mediclinics, S.A. (Spain)

Headquarters Indústria, 54th 08025 Barcelona

Mediclinics, S.A. (Spain)

Logistics center Catalunya, 9th 08130, Santa perpètua de Mogoda Barcelona

Mediclinics (Italy)

Via Senigallia 18/2 Torre A c/o Regus Piano 5 20161 Milano

We have built our business around great customer satisfaction.


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