Frequently asked questions

The dryer does not work?

  • Check master switch has not been triggered
  • Check that equipment is correctly plugged.
  • Make sure it has the proper power and is properly grounded equipment is correctly plugged.
  • Check all wiring connection to terminal block and GND terminal.
  • Make sure LED sensor visor is completely clean.

The dryer runs continuously (non-stop)?

  • Timer does not work properly. Replace timer.
  • ECU* and/or LED cables (depending on the model), does not work properly. Replace ECU and/or LED cables.
  • LED sensor of ECU* might be dirty. Make sure LED sensor is completely clean.
  • Over-sensivity. Adjust to lower sensivity (if available).
  • Target to close to dryer. Adjust to lower sesivity (if available)
  • Target to close to dryer. Install equipment as indicated at installation manual.
  • In other case replace ECU*.

The dryer is not performing well.

  • ECU* and/or LED sensor do not work properly. Replace ECU* and/or LED sensor (depending on the model).
  • Heating element is unplugged. Check all wiring connections from terminal board.
  • Heating elemnt is damaged. Replace heating element.
  • Coal motor brushes over. Replace coal motor brushes.
  • Motor fixation is loosed. Fix motor suitably.
  • Weird located at ECU*. Replace ECU*.
  • Unbalanced fan wheel. Replace fan wheel.
  • Fan wheel loosed. Fix fan wheel suitably.
  • Some internal components are loosed. Fix the internal loosed components.
  • Cover is not fitted properly. Fix the cover properly.
  • Coal motor brushes are over. Replace coal brushes set.
  • Motor fuse is blewed. Replace motor fuse.
  • Thermal motor fused blewed. Replace the motor.
  • Motor is not wired properly to the ECU*. Plug the motor to the ECU* properly.
  • Insufficient voltage value. MAke sure it has the proper power and is properly grounded.
  • The fan wheel is loosed. Fix the fan wheel properly to the motor shaft.
  • In other case replace the motor.
  • Coal motor brushes are over. Replace the coal motor brushes set.
When carrying out any form of work on the inner machine parts, first disconnect from power supply.