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Machflow M09AB-UL
28 October, 2016
Machflow M09ACS-UL
28 October, 2016
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Machflow M09AC-UL


Our most powerful and energy efficient high speed hand dryer incorporates a low energy, high pressure, adjustable motor that allows you to choose noise levels between 67 to 74 dBA. Reduces drying times to 10-15 seconds and utilizes an incredibly energy efficent 2W per drying cycle.

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– One-piece stainless steel cover, 1/16″ thick, bright finish
– Ultra-fast drying time (10-15 seconds)
– Minimum energy consumption (2-3.61 W per drying cycle)
– Minimum CO2 emissions
– Adjustable motor speed by means of a potentiometer (19,000-28,000 rpm)
– –ON/OFF” heating element
– Universal voltage out of the box: from 100 to 240 V
– Rock solid and compact design
– Easy maintenance
– UL and CSA approved
– ADA recessed kit available
– BuildingGreen Approved

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