Why Saniflow Hand Dryers?


In our laboratories at our manufacturing plant, our engineers work daily at creating new, state-of-the art hand dryers designs. Our main goal is understanding our customer’s different needs and offering the right solution for each facility. Taking into account the most important factors such as speed, anti-vandalism protection, noise monitoring, ADA requirements, and maximum hygiene.

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Customer service

Our customer service principle is “to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated”. We strive to understand our customer´s needs and the staff at SANIFLOW is fully committed to providing our customers the best service possible and guarantee complete satisfaction.

A recognized brand worldwide:

Our products can be found in highly recognizable office buildings, entertainment centers, shopping facilities, and in schools and universities throughout America.


An impresive high-speed offer:

SANIFLOW offers a large range of High speed dryers. We have available three of the most eco-friendly hand dryers of the market. This is the reason it will be very easy to specify or choose a SANIFLOW dryer in your next project.

Our Eco-high speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are the new standard in the industry. They represent significant technological advances over other dryers. They use moderate air heating, lower noise levels and increase air velocities up to 400%. But the key point is the savings obtained by these dryers owing to their lower energy consumption. It is estimated that they can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% over traditional dryers.