A track record of Excellence – 40 Years of experience in the design and manufacturing of hand dryers:

Saniflow Hand Dryer benefit from 40 years of manufacturing experience and expertise by parent company, Mediclinics, a benchmark in the European and Global markets. The hand dryers produced in our manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, are used in over 120 countries worldwide. Quality is assured trhough every step of the manufacturing process, and each dryer is tested and approved before shipping. Headquarters for North America is located in South Florida.

Own in-house hand dryer design and manufacturing process.

In our modern laboratories back in the manufacturing plant in Europe, our engineers work day by day in the creation of new designs of state-of-the art hand dryers with one main target: Understand the different needs of our customers, offering the right solutionfor each building, such as speed, protection against vandalism, sound control, ADA requirements or maximum hygiene.

Our engineers work every day at optimizing and creating new designs of state of the art hand dryers, with one goal in mind – to understand the different needs of our customers and to offer the right solution for each application.

Warehouse facility

Our 50,000 square foot warehouse facility in South Florida, stocks and prepares every order using a sophisticated logistic software, including WMS 8Warehouse Management System) and SAP to ensure that all our shipments are processed in a timely manner.

Hand Dryers approved according to UL, CSA and NOM marks by Underwriter Laboratories.

Saniflow works together with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). This American Laboratory is internationally recognized and its engineers are responsible of confirming the quality and the safety of our hand dryers. Our hand dryers have been certified according to the UL, the CSA and the NOM mark by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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