Respect for the enviroment is a core value at Saniflow. Materials used in manufacture- including a significant proportion of recycled materials – are chosen not only for high quality, but also for the lowest possible impact on human beings and the planet. All of our products’ contents are recyclable at the end os service life.

Our eco-friendly high-speed range are perfect choices for achieving sustainability goals – contributing to points for LEED credits and Green Spec certifications – in new buildings, renovation projects, and sustainability upgrades. Schools and universities, offices, hotels, restaurants, and other facilities with high restroom traffic can benefit significantly from this new generation of hand dryers because:

  • Machflow, Dualflow Plus and Speedflow dryers can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90% over traditional dryers.
  • Eliminating paper towels can reduce non-recycled waste by 5-15% in many establishments.
  • Machflow, Dualfow Plus and Speedflow dryers can consume less tha 3% of the energy per drying cycle used by paper towels. • Saniflow green models produce one of the industry’s lowest heat emissions.
  • Saniflow is a leader in quieter dryers, achieving a low 75 dB for our high-speed dryers.

Saniflow Hand Dryers offer performance, reliability, durability and style in products engineered and protect enviroment.
This combination of top quality and sustainable responsibility has made us a worldwide market leader.


LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The U. S. Green Building Council formally realeased the LEED Green Building System in mArch 2000 and since the, the directory has been updated constantly offering hundreds of public, private and non-profit building projects in the U.S and abroad LEED as the standard for reference for green building.

Our Eco- high speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are enviromentally friendly and they can help new construction, renovation and maintenance projects in the U.S and abroad using LEED as the standard for reference for green building.

Energy efficient hand dryers, like M14, M09, M06, combine reduced energy consumption with fast driyng times and low power consumption with fast drying times and low power consumption with fast drying times and low power consumption and can be an effective element of an overall program to reduce building’s eenrgy requirements to earn LEED credits in the following categories:

  • EA (Earth & Atmosphere) Prerequisite 2 – Minimum Energy Performance.
  • EA (Earth & Atmosphere) Credit 1 – Optimizing Energy Performance.

BuildingGreen Approved

BuildingGreen helps architects, designers and other sustainability professionals make their projects greener and healthier offering an independent product evaluation service. It is a database of green products, specifications and practices for use by architects, and construction professionals. This database includes thousands green building products.

Use of electric hand dryers generally carries significantly lower enviromental burdens than use of paper towels. Electric hand drying also significantly reduces custodial labor requirements.

BuildingGreen lists high-performance electric hand dryers that are energy-efficient, fast, and convenient – maximum 1,600 watts, less than 15 seconds drying time, resulting in significantly lower energy use than conventional electric hand dryers.

Saniflow Hand Dyers that are BuildingGreen Approved:

  • DualFlow Plus M14
  • MachFlow M09
  • SpeedFlow M06