Jennifer Milanes

National Sales Manager

I joined Saniflow and the Construction world in October 2015 – and prior to that I was in the Automotive Industry (I like to bring my flare to a typically male‐dominated industry, ha!). I attended DeVry University where I studied Business Administration majoring in Sales and Marketing. I currently live in sunny South Florida with my husband and our blended family of 5 kids. When I'm not keeping busy calling YOU – you can find me traveling, exercising, baking, or working on my veggie garden.

Lifetime Goal: Completing a full marathon.

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Anais (Ana) Blanco

Digital Marketing & Online Sales Coordinator

Made Saniflow even more awesome back in February of 2018 when I joined the team! Born and raised in Miami, FL where the Cuban food is great and Winter doesn’t exist. Cool things I’ve done? Work for WDW at the Magic Kingdom (a lifelong dream), make a baby, and attend all the cool raves where I could jam out to my favorite trance DJs. When I’m not on the clock, I’m fantasizing about traveling, what my dog is probably doing right now, and a way better alternate ending for Game of Thrones.

Lifetime Goal: Travel to and explore Europe for an entire year.

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Dahiana Lopez

Project Coordinator

Beauty guru-turned construction spec decipherer in 2019. I'm a Miami native and on my off time if I'm not sampling new recipes in the kitchen, you can find me diving head first into a bowl of pasta at a new restaurant I've just discovered. Don't be fooled, I don't only eat, I also spend maybe a little too much time buying new wheels for my roller skates (I have an addiction) and hunting down the next big Netflix show to binge. For now it's just me and my husband but that will change in February 2023 when we get to meet our sweet baby boy. We cannot wait!

Lifetime Goal: Travel to every continent.

Catch up with D on LinkedIn or via email.

Linnette Alvarez

Sales Coordinator

I completed the missing puzzle piece of the Saniflow Squad back in July 2020 (saved from the pandemic chaos). The first Spaniard born (as of now) in my big Cuban family. Living where others vacation has its perks – though when I’m not soakin’ up some rays at the beach on the weekends, you can catch me testing out the acoustics by professionally singing in my shower (still waiting on my Grammy), distressing with boxing (Adriiaaann!), and living an alternate life by playing The Sims on my P.C. (own every game since 2000).

Lifetime Goal: vacation in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives!

Catch up with Linnette on LinkedIn or via email.


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