Wall Guard

Our high-quality wall guards are designed to protect the wall from splashed water below any hands-under electric hand dryer.

  • White Microban® anti-microbial plastic
  • Black Microban® anti-microbial plastic
  • Stainless steel
KTWGCS-UL (Stainless Steel Finish)

• Designed to shield your restroom's wall from the excess moisture that can be blown off wet hands by the power of our high-speed electric hand dryers.

• These wall guards (also known as splash guards) mount directly below the commercial hand dryer using only the enclosed adhesive strips, without the need to drill holes.

• Featuring Microban® technology, white and black antimicrobial guards inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause stains on walls or surfaces over time.

• The wall guard is easily wiped down and they assist maintenance personnel in preserving the appearance and cleanliness of any commercial washroom.

• Finishes include: white Microban® anti-microbial plastic, black Microban® anti-microbial plastic, stainless steel.

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KTWGCS-UL (Stainless Steel Finish)

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