U-Flow Hand Dryer

New ultra-fast hand dryer, hands-through type U flow®, two water collecting removable tanks, with ABS withe, black, satin and total black finishes. 

  • ABS white
  • ABS black
  • ABS satin
  • ABS Total Black

• The U-Flow is a “hands through”, fast, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, hygienic & stylish hand dryer, suitable for high traffic facilities..

• It has one pair of IR sensors on both sides of the “U” opening for instant hand detection.

• Maximum air speed 300mph. Dries hands in only 8 / 10 seconds. 30 seconds safety timer.

• Adjustable motor power, allowing electricity consumption to be regulated between 350 and 1,050W.

• It incorporates a HEPA filter medium that filters suspended solid particles (pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.) significantly improving air quality.

Exposed surfaces incorporate a BioCote® antimicrobial additive which minimizes microorganisms that can help bacteria grow.

• It has incorporated an ionizer ("Ion Hygienic" technology) that purifies the air through negatively charged particles (anions), eliminating particles and germs carried by the air, making it healthier and pure. These ions inhibit the reproduction of micro-organisms in the product throughout its lifetime.

• It has odor neutralizing beads to create a clean and pleasant atmosphere in the restroom. (Ref. RCFB001).

• Lowest noise level in its category. (72.5-76.5 dBA).

• It includes a quick assembly/ disassembly kit for the hand dryer (plug-in system) that allows you to install and uninstall the hand dryer easily, quickly and safely, making maintenance much more efficient and reducing your costs at the same time.

• Easy maintenance, it installs two removable water tank, to accumulate liquid during drying and, at the same time, it can be connected directly to the main waste pipe of the restroom to eliminate waste water from hand drying.

• U-flow automatic hand dryer with ABS cover, in white, black, satin, and total black finishes.


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