March: Women's History Month

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March: Women's History Month
March, the month when we celebrate Women’s History Month. What makes this celebration so notable? Women’s history month is the celebration of all women’s contribution to history, culture and society since March 1987 in the United States. It is a month dedicated to reflect on the contributions of extraordinary women, such as, Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks, to name a few. March is also the month we celebrate International Women’s Day since its introduction in 1975. Every year the National Women’s Alliance designates a theme for Women’s history month. This year the theme is ‘’Celebrating Women who tell our stories’’ and at Saniflow we want to focus on telling the stories of all the great women behind our company in the US.

Let’s start by introducing our National Sales Manager, Jennifer Milanes. Jennifer has been with Saniflow for 8 years and makes every day count helping the environment one hand dryer at the time. Jennifer is also a mom to 3 and bonus mom to 2. On her free time, she loves to travel, exercise, and try new foods, whether she experiments on dishes at home or at a restaurant. She likes helping people by volunteering and lending a hand in her free time as well.

Jennifer Milanes

  Next, lets get to know our Sales Coordinator, Linnette Alvarez. Linnette has been working with Saniflow since the summer of 2020 (yep, she came over during a crazy year). Linnette is excited to soon be a first-time mom to a baby girl, whom she can’t wait to show her the world. Linnette loves to sing and dance, visit museums, amusement parks, and going to the beach every time she has a chance. She is passionate about always expanding her mindset and learning new skills.

  Third up is our Project Coordinator, Samantha Layedra. Though Samantha is new to her position, she loves the ability to connect with new people every day. Samantha loves to bake, read, go on adventures, and sing. She is a dog mom and has two doggies. Samantha is passionate about making a difference in the world, radiating faith and learning new things every day.

Samantha Layedra

   Last, but not least, meet our Administrative Marketing Assistant, Estefania Marquina.  Estefania is also new to her new position. What she loves the most about her new role is that she can create a way for the public to learn about our products in a fun way. Estefania loves to travel to new places, eat sushi, go to the beach, and go to concerts every time she can. She is passionate about learning new things while finding a way to leave her mark in the world.

Estefania Marquina

   All the women in our team, make every day a better day. Some of them are moms, going to be, or dog moms. Passionate about learning new things, and creating a better world. We all try to save the environment, as we like to say here, one hand dryer at the time.

   For all you do for Saniflow, we dedicate this month to you. A big thank you to all the Women at Saniflow and Mediclics for setting the example for the next generation of great, sustainable women to come.


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