The Evolution of Saniflow Hand Dryers: A Comprehensive Overview

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The Evolution of Saniflow Hand Dryers: A Comprehensive Overview

aniflow, a pioneer in the hand dryer industry, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing restroom technology for decades. From its inception as the earliest hand dryer to its latest All-In-One innovation, Saniflow has consistently raised the bar for efficiency, hygiene, and sustainability. In this blog, we will delve into the evolution of Saniflow hand dryers, including the model from where we got our name and the oldest model, our Dualflow Plus hands in, Speedflow, Machflow, Speedflow Plus with a HEPA filter same as our Machflow Plus, and our newest innovation, the All-In-One hand dryer.

  • Saniflow- The Trailblazer: Saniflow’s journey began with the creation of the hand dryer that gave us our name. This initial model paved the way for modern hand drying technology and set a high standard for reliability and convenience. The Saniflow hand dryer comes in two version, with push-button and the more convenient automatic.

  • Speedflow and Speedflow Plus: The Speedflow series brought rapid hand drying capabilities to the forefront. With a powerful yet energy-efficient motor, both models set new standards for speed and effectiveness while maintaining a stylish and beautiful design. Speedflow Plus, integrated with a HEPA filter media that filters the solid particles in suspension (pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.) significantly improving air quality.

  • Machflow and Machflow Plus- Power in Precision: The Machflow series emphasized precision and power. Engineered for high-traffic environments, these hand dryers delivered a forceful and controlled airflow, quickly drying hands and reducing the need for a paper towel. The Machflow Plus our most powerful and energy efficient commercial hand dryer, including HEPA filter media that filters out up to 99% of the solid particles in suspension (pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.) significantly improving air quality. Equipped with an ionizer ("Ion Hygienic" technology) that neutralizes viruses and bacteria thanks to the negatively charged particles it emits, helping to maintain the user free of these harmful microorganisms. 

  • Dualflow Plus- The Game- Changer: Dualflow Plus, a significant leap forward in hand drying technology, combines high-speed air with a unique airflow design, reducing drying time and minimizing energy consumption. Its sleek design and eco-friendly features revolutionized restroom experiences across the globe.  The Dualflow® Plus is a fastenergy-efficienteco-friendlyhygienic and stylish commercial hand dryer with universal voltage (110V – 220V), suitable for high traffic facilities.

  • All- In-One Saniflow’s latest innovation: Saniflow’s newest addition, the All-In-One hand dryer, represents the epitome of innovation. This model combines the best features of previous models, integrating speed, efficiency, and a stylish design into a compact unit. Its versatility and adaptability make the perfect fit for various restroom setups. The All-In-One faucet system is an elegant and European-designed touch-free automatic countertop mounted soap, water, and hand drying solution perfect for any high-traffic restroom. It is designed to avoid splashed water near the sink area, save space, and be highly-efficient for users when cleaning up in a restroom.

Saniflow’s journey in hand dryer innovation spans decades, evolving from the creation of our often used for hair drying in locker rooms and aquatic facilities to the latest All-In-One model. With each iteration, the company has pushed the boundaries of efficiency, hygiene, and environmental responsibility. As technology continues to advance, Saniflow remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance restroom experiences and contribute to a sustainable future.


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