BIM: The perfect method for all construction projects

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BIM: The perfect method for all construction projects

As we know, the construction world suffered an economic crisis a few years ago during the recession. In order to move forward with better communication between all parties in design and construction, BIM (Building Information Modelling) was proposed and developed as a solution.  

BIM is a digital collaborative working method between designers, builders, architects, installers, manufacturers, and other agents for accurate representation of all stages in a construction project.

Today, we use BIM to accurately form 3D scales of all kinds of construction projects in order to promote joint work and collaboration between base designs and reality. As long as all information is correct, personnel can use this intelligent tool for the following:

- Realistic Representations: BIM technology makes it possible to make impressively realistic representations of a project thanks to recent developments such as virtual and augmented reality, drones, etc.

- Optimization of timing and cost: A project model is constantly being updated and evolving since it works on a database. This limits confusion and allows for proper time-management with all personnel involved. Within this database, budgets and estimates are being reported and calculated for accuracy to prevent unforeseen costs and delays.

- Performance of tests and simulations: Calculations and predictions can be monitored to ensure the success of a model or construction project by inputting the BIM objects. This very much helps when you want to establish maintenance costs and/or environmental impact, for example.

- Transparency and Collaboration: When making changes to the project/model, all agents involved can see who is accountable for each step. With this, everyone is working in unison and upholds their full responsibility for revising and updating different aspects of the project. When there is a team working together to fulfill this, errors are easier and faster to detect, making it possible to correct before problems arise.

- Total Control: The fact that you can manage a project from start to finish as well as monitoring and planning of schedules and personnel is quite the relief for many who do project managing.

- It’s simple: Technology is one of the greatest things to have happened in the last century and by using BIM, it feels like the work is at your fingertips. Projects that may have been complicated to track years ago are now easier to manage and maintain: complex drawings, schedules, 3D models… everything.

In conclusion, BIM technology is clearly a highly efficient tool for the planning, design, and construction of buildings. If you’re in the field and have never tried it out… What are you waiting for?


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