The Economics of Hand Dryers for Facility Managers

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The Economics of Hand Dryers for Facility Managers

In the world of facility management, every decision counts. From energy-efficient lighting to waste disposal systems, choices made can significantly impact a business’s bottom line. One often-overlooked area is hand drying solutions in restrooms. In this blog, we’ll dive into the economics of hand dryers, breaking down the cost-benefit analysis for businesses when choosing hand dryers over other drying options.

  •        Initial Investment vs. Long-term Savings

Facility managers are tasked with balancing budget constraints and long-term cost savings. When it comes to hand dryers, the initial investment might seem higher compared to paper towel dispensers. However, its crucial to look beyond the upfront costs. Hand dryers are a one-time purchase, while paper towels requite continuous restocking.

Also, in the case of Saniflow hand dryers, they are energy saving. If you look at our calculator you can see how much energy and money our hand dryers save in any time period, from weeks, to months, to years, while with paper towels the cost of only producing is even higher than only the cost of buying them.


  •        Operation Costs and Maintenance

Hand dryers boast lower operating costs as they don’t consume resources like paper towels. Regular maintenance for hand dryers is minimal, primarily consisting of occasional cleaning and checks. On the other hand, the continuous need for paper towel restocking not only incurs ongoing expenses but also demands storage for bulk purchases.

Now hand dryers not only save energy and money, they also can save space in your establishment, hand dryers can be recess to the wall in order not only to be ADA compliant but to save space as well in your restrooms. Saniflow hand dryers are low maintenance and have service experts to help in case of any problem with the hand dryers.


  •        Environmental impact

As sustainability becomes a top priority for businesses, the environmental impact of hand drying options cannot be ignored. Hand dryers, especially high-efficiency models, significantly reduce paper waste. This not only aligns with corporate environmental responsibility but can also appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Some small business, restaurants and shopping mall, could benefit from energy-efficient hand dryers as mention before they have less energy usage, meaning these businesses will spend less money on energy.

  •        Hygiene and user experience

Beyond economic considerations, the hygiene and user experience aspects play a vital role. Hand dryers, when properly maintained, contribute to a cleaner restroom environment. They also eliminate the need for users to touch potentially germ-laden surfaces like used paper towel dispensers.

Some of Saniflow hand dryers, have a HEPA filter that filters any solid particles in suspension, making the air that comes out cleaner and hygienic to the users. Instead bringing more bacteria like older hand dryers it eliminates and cleans your hands better.


  •        Energy Efficient

Modern hand dryers are designed with energy efficient in mind. Many models come equipped with sensors that activate the dryer only when hands are present, reducing energy consumption. This aligns with the broader corporate trend of adopting sustainable practices.


In the economic landscape of facility management, hand dryers emerge as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. While the initial investment may be higher, the long-term savings, combined with benefits such as hygiene and sustainability, make hand dryers a strategic choice for businesses looking to optimize their restroom facilities. Facility managers should carefully weight the cost- benefit analysis to make informed decisions that align with both their financial objectives and broader corporate values.




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