The Hand Dryer Monster: Making Restrooms Less Scary for Little Hands

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The Hand Dryer Monster: Making Restrooms Less Scary for Little Hands

Hand-drying is a crucial component of the overall washroom experience, and plays a vital role in keeping consumers happy when working properly. But why do some parents and kids fear that blast of air?

Why the Fear?

Recent studies have revealed a surprising truth: many hand dryers reach noise levels that are dangerous for children's ears.  Unlike adults, children's ears are still developing and more susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.  A 2017 study conducted in Canada found that some popular hand dryers can exceed 120 decibels, a level that can cause learning difficulties, attention problems, and even ruptured eardrums.  Some can be as loud as a rock concert!

This is especially concerning for children with special needs who may already experience sensory sensitivities. The loud noise from a hand dryer can be overwhelming and lead to meltdowns or anxiety.

But there is a better way!

The Saniflow Solution: Quiet Power for Tiny Hands

At Saniflow, we understand the importance of creating a positive restroom experience for everyone, especially our youngest visitors. That's why we offer a variety of low-decibel hand dryer options designed with children in mind.

Saniflow is committed to providing safe and healthy hand drying solutions for everyone.  Our SpeedFlow Plus Hand Dryer operates at a remarkably low 57 decibels, well below the danger zone for children's ears.  This whisper-quiet dryer also boasts impressive performance, drying hands in just 10-12 seconds with an air velocity of 250 mph.  Plus, the integrated HEPA filter significantly improves restroom air quality.

Here's why Saniflow’s Hand Dryers are the perfect choice for families and businesses:

  •        Super Quiet Operation: Our dryers operate at significantly lower decibel levels, significantly reducing noise pollution in restrooms.
  •        Adjustable Motor Settings: Some models feature adjustable motor settings, allowing you to customize the air output and noise level for optimal comfort.
  • Fast and Efficient: Dries hands in just 10-12 seconds, perfect for busy families on the go.
  • Improved Air Quality: HEPA filter removes bacteria and viruses from the air, promoting a healthier restroom environment.
  • Peace of Mind: Provides a comfortable and safe hand drying experience for everyone, including children with special needs.

At Saniflow Corp., we recommend always investing in equipment and accessories that are of high qualityfunctional, and provide great performance, maximum hygiene, appropriate aesthetics, and great durability to collective bathroom spaces. Likewise, the hand dryers your restrooms use, in general, will have a fundamental positive impact on the perception of your business, including the smaller visitors.

Looking for a hand dryer solution that prioritizes both hygiene and comfort for children? Contact us here to learn more about how Saniflow can transform your restroom into a welcoming space for all.


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