Changing the Game: Why All Men's Restrooms Need Changing Stations Too

Posted on06/28/2024
Changing the Game: Why All Men's Restrooms Need Changing Stations Too

In light of Father’s Day passing recently, we felt this would be a good time to show how dads are changing the game. Gone are the days of childcare solely falling on the shoulders of moms. Today, fathers are actively involved in every aspect of their children's lives, including diaper duty. But what happens when nature calls and you're out and about with your little one? If you're a dad, you might be facing a frustrating reality: the lack of changing stations in men's restrooms.

Here's why it's crucial to have baby changing stations in men's restrooms:

Equality in Parenting: Dads are equally capable caregivers. Excluding them from diaper-changing facilities sends the message that childcare is still primarily a woman's responsibility.  Having changing tables in men's restrooms empowers dads to be active participants in diaper duty, fostering a sense of shared responsibility.

Convenience for All Families and Genders:  Families come in all shapes and sizes. Single dads, same-sex couples with dads, or even just dads taking an outing with their kids shouldn't have to scramble to find a suitable changing spot.  A changing station in the men's room makes outings for all families more enjoyable and stress-free.

Hygiene Matters:  Let's face it, changing a diaper on a public bathroom floor is not sanitary for anyone involved.  Providing a designated changing area promotes better hygiene for both babies and parents. Luckily, Saniflow can easily have you covered with our BabyMedi changing stations, charged with Ionizer to help kill and prevent the spread of germs!

Bonding Time, Uninterrupted:  Changing a diaper isn't just about hygiene, it's also a prime opportunity for dads to connect with their little ones.  Having a clean, safe space in the men's room allows dads to enjoy this special time without feeling out of place.

The Bottom Line: 
Dads are dads, and diaper duty is a part of the job.  By including baby changing stations in men's restrooms, we can create a more family-friendly world, promote active fatherhood, and ensure a more pleasant experience for everyone.

At Saniflow Corp., we believe that every parent deserves a convenient and hygienic space to change their baby, regardless of gender.  That's why we offer a wide range of baby changing stations, through our BabyMedi line, designed to fit seamlessly into any men's restroom, ensuring a positive experience for all families.  Explore our selection of baby changing stations and hand dryers here today, and help create a more inclusive and family-friendly environment wherever you do business.


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