New Normal Marketing for Products

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 New Normal Marketing for Products

As we are all aware—not just with marketing, but within our daily lives—this pandemic has shifted what “normal” used to be like. Our wants and needs as consumers have changed radically in these last few months and big brands must know this. Today, there is a greater demand for companies to be able to comfort their consumers and stick to their brand’s philosophy of great customer service, reliable products, and more. In order for companies to thrive with marketing that appears to be condemned to uncertainty, there must be an adaptation of business structure, services, and products to meet these new expectations from consumers like you and I during times like these.

Some companies wasted zero time getting in sync with this new normal and adapted to the world the way it is today. We see this all the time on advertising and marketing campaigns, television commercials, etc. For example, automotive companies that would normally advertise fun, daring and fast cars would now market them as safe and reliable.

Marketing of the New Normal is not about increasing ads and sales conversions, it’s about offering great consumer experiences and being able to put out innovative products that would adapt to things that people truly need right now: support, safety, hygiene, and health, above all. One example of this that really stand out is HILTON’s CleanStay with Lysol Protection initiative which promises their customers services with strict health and safety measures. Another great example would be Vollebak, an innovative clothing brand that now offer coats that destroy microbes!

Let’s talk a little more about innovation. Airlines that have been impacted badly during the pandemic are now trying their best to comfort their flyers with promises of safety and health protocols within their planes. To clarify, The Association of Spanish Airlines (ALA) has brought forth the use of HEPA filters in all its cabins in to promote a healthier stance.

“The air in the cabins comes from the outside, which means that clean air free of bacteria and viruses comes in from the altitude of the flight, which is also renewed every three minutes through HEPA filters” – ALA-Airline Association

Needless to say, innovation, re-design, and improvement of products and services is vital for any company. Many times, it’s not just about developing something new and original, it's also about taking what's already there and making it much better. Our parent company, Mediclinics, has been doing this for many years now. Mediclinics has substantial experience in the matter of security, hygiene, and health: all things that are extremely important when dealing with the prevention and combat of COVID-19.  

Just like the airlines, Saniflow Corporation ( a Mediclinics company) has incorporated the use of HEPA filter media cartridges throughout our line of high-speed hand dryers like the Dualflow Plus and Speedflow Plus. The HEPA filter media’s job is to filter out solid particles in suspension (pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.), significantly improving the air quality that’s blowing back out. This also helps to eliminate airborne particles like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


In addition to the HEPA filter media, our units also have other solutions that provide the user a totally reliable, effective, and safe hand drying experience. Some of these are:

- Biocote Silver Ion Technology, an antimicrobial and antibacterial protection which inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms on the product throughout its lifespan.

- Contact-free units that are great to prevent the user from dirtying their hands again right after washing. Our IR sensors on the hand dryers detect when hands are ready to dry and shuts off automatically when they are taken away.

And guess what? Our Babymedi baby changing stations are also in the game since they’re lined with the Biocote anti-microbial protection. We’re definitely in the business of keeping our consumers clean and bacteria-free.

To conclude, companies like ours must take into account what is important right now to the people. As a respected company, Saniflow will continue to adapt to the new normal and offer products that provide solutions and exceed expectations. In short, we don’t back down from a challenge… we embrace it and acclimate.


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