Baby Changing Stations: The Perfect Addition To Your Restrooms

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Baby Changing Stations: The Perfect Addition To Your Restrooms

Business owners and facility managers alike do as much as possible to be sure that their patrons are treated with the upmost care and quality customer service. One of the things that make this idea conceivable is the decision to have diaper changing stations installed in public restrooms, whether it be in both men and women’s restrooms or inside a family toilet. Having them installed gives caregivers peace of mind knowing they have a comfortable and quick way to tend to their infant’s needs.

With years of experience in the childcare industry, we believe that we can help you see why diaper changing stations would be a great way to encourage a better, more inclusive environment for your patrons as well as guide you to the perfect solution to satisfy their needs.

Family-Friendly & Inclusivity

First, it’s imperative to understand that many patrons may come into your facility accompanied with an infant. When an infant’s diaper needs to be changed, their guardian is most likely going to expect for there to be an adequate space for this task. Having a baby changing station installed in the restroom will  surely ease the caregiver’s mind and make them feel relieved to find it- who doesn’t want that?!

On another note, the U.S. Congress passed the Bathroom Accessible in Every Situation Act (BABIES Act) in 2016, which entails that diaper changing stations in both male and female restrooms located in publicly-accessible federal buildings will be required. While your facility may not be a federal building, it is important to comprehend that caregivers are not always women and, therefore, installing them in men’s restrooms as well allows for equal access and opportunity for all patrons to experience the family-friendly vibe. More often than we’d like to admit, we have heard and seen horror stories of fathers, or male caregivers, having to change their baby’s diaper on the floor or by the sink- now you can do something to avoid that from happening right in your very own facility.


Sturdy, Safe, and Functional

Now that we’ve explained why there is a need for the installation of baby changing stations, we come to you with the best solution. The BabyMedi® diaper changing stations are perfect for any restroom. Its convenient design (available in both horizontal and vertical style) makes it a great option for anyone looking to install it in a new or existing public restroom. Apart from being an optimal choice for easy installation to any facility, our diaper changing stations offer the best when it comes to practicality. It includes bed liners for the infants and two bag hooks on both sides to place items like diaper bags or any other personal belongings. Isn’t that awesome?

Any parent or guardian would be inclined to worry if the changing station they’re placing the infant on is a reliable one, and we’re happy to exchange a little more information on just how safe these units are. All BabyMedi® changing tables are ASTM certified and can hold up to 220 lbs. in total: this means the infants weight, plus whatever is placed on the bag hooks. Also, the infant is sure to be kept securely in place with the use of a safety strap installed within the unit so guardians wouldn’t have to worry about the infant rolling over and falling off.

The BabyMedi® is not only considered to be safe in that way, though. During the early design-phase, our team thought of other ways to optimize safety and realized that hygiene, too, should be considered in order to deem it as safe and secure as possible for users. With this being said, a BioCote® antimicrobial additive is embedded onto the polypropylene plastic during the manufacturing process so that any bacteria that comes into contact with the bed stops from spreading and eventually making the bacteria perish from the surface.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re interested in learning more about this antimicrobial additive, we invite you to check out our previous blog here.


Modern European Design with Clean Lines

We covered just how clean and hygienic these changing stations are with the antimicrobial additive, but the word ‘clean’ also has to do with the way it appeals to a restroom visually. While many other brands carry functional diaper changing stations, ours are set apart with its stunning design that is sure to fuse nicely within any washroom. The ADA compliant BabyMedi® is European-designed and comes in two finishes: satin-brushed stainless steel and white, but be on the look-out… we will be bringing in a brand new black stainless steel BabyMedi® very soon!


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