3 Easy Ways To Operate a Sustainable Commercial Restroom

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3 Easy Ways To Operate a Sustainable Commercial Restroom

‘Green’ is now the new black. We are seeing it everywhere: from objects and practices we use during our everyday life, to the ways that buildings are being constructed and renovated. Today, we want to cover green restrooms. What are green restrooms? These are public areas that have installed fixtures that minimally impact the environment, are resource-efficient, and aid in endorsing facility staff and occupant wellness. Very often, facility executives who manage restrooms (often visited by occupants in a commercial space) are being reminded of the environmental impact. Lately, there is a lot of talk about how buildings, stadiums, schools and other high-traffic facilities can benefit from operating sustainable public restrooms in order to save on costs, maintenance issues, and headaches.

Step 1: Be Smart and Consume Less Water

One of the most obvious ways to keep a sustainable commercial restroom is to find ways and products that allow for less water consumption used by patrons. With this being said, there are many fixtures in the market today that allow for this to happen. For instance, touch-free faucets can prove to be beneficial to public restrooms because of it’s benefits in terms of water-usage and hygiene. These faucets are timed well for optimal hand-washing and have a cut-off time so there is zero chance of the faucet being left turned on and wasting water without need. Another great addition in men’s restrooms would be the installation of no-flush urinals. Did you know that you can save up to 40,000 gallons of water per year with these things!? As reviewed by Facility Executive, urine would gravitate into a special trap layered with a lightweight biodegradable liquid that allows for it to pass through and prevents bad odor. These are just a few great ideas to keep in mind when designing a bathroom to help sustain the planet we live on.

Step 2: Save on Energy Consumption

A great tip would also be to save as much as possible on energy-consumption by installing fixtures that are energy-efficient. A good rule of thumb is to look for LEED-accredited products that are sure to get you the best bang for your buck while keeping it green. Here’s a tip! When it comes to lighting, Energy Star certified products are a great way to go since they use less energy and are the latest in the efficient-technology game: they use 90% less energy than other models, distribute great lighting for optimal performance, include some models with shut-off and motion sensors, and are also very durable.

Energy-efficient high quality commercial hand dryers are also a very good idea to have installed. For example, the Speedflow Plus is a sustainably-designed automatic hand dryer with universal voltage perfect for any high-traffic facility. It includes an adjustable motor and are you ready the best part? It also includes a heating option inside the unit where you can choose to have the heating element turned ON or OFF, thus reducing electrical consumption for energy-efficiency and electrical costs. How’s that for eco-conscious?

Step 3: Recycled Materials = Sustainable Goodness

Keeping in mind the materials that products are made with is important. Are those materials recycled? How eco-friendly is the manufacturing process?

In our previous blog on Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels we wanted to know which hand drying solution is ‘greener’ than the other. We covered how each hand drying solution is manufactured and how effective they are in helping to keep the carbon emissions in the atmosphere to a minimum whether it be during the manufacturing process or even after that process where they are used in commercial restrooms. If you’re interested in finding out which one was the most eco-friendly, we definitely suggest you go check that blog out!

All in all, utilizing and installing recycled materials is a great way to keep your commercial restroom as sustainable as possible. The way that certain products are manufactured can vary and a little bit of research on your part when choosing the most eco-friendly products can really make a difference.


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