Saniflow Loves Giving Back To The Community

Posted on11/29/2021
Saniflow Loves Giving Back To The Community

First off, we hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with their beloved family and friends last week!

This year has been the year to re-build our connection with our community and as such, Saniflow Corp has partnered with other great organizations to do community outreach volunteering. Inspired by this month of November as we are grateful to give back to others, we thought it’d be nice to reflect on a selected few of the activities we have done so far.

Here’s some awesome pictures and personal experiences!


Jennifer: I truly enjoyed my experience volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Everyone deserves a place to call home and HFH helps people do just that. For volunteers, its 4-hours out of their day but for the future homeowners, it’s a future in a place they will get to call home to enjoy with their loved ones for years to come.


What an amazing experience!! They teach you what you need to know for the task at hand, no experience necessary. We helped lay countertops and paint baseboards. Met some absolutely generous souls and got to meet one of the future homeowners, who was also working hard alongside us.  Hearing our crew leader talk about the impact these homes can make on families was truly inspiring.


Linnette: All of the activities we've done to help out in the community have been a lovely experience and each bring their unique energy to it. By far, the one I enjoyed the most had to be the beach cleanup in April. I'm a tropical, beach-loving person and i'm passionate about keeping our planet clean and protecting our ecosystem as much as possible.


Volunteering alongside so many different age groups and seeing so many others share the same passion as I in keeping our beaches clean, and safe for humans and animals alike was very refreshing and amazing to see & emotional to be a part of.


Beach clean-ups are extremely important in helping to mitigate the problems caused by ocean debris and danger inflicted on marine life as a result of plastic & overall trash pollution. Knowing we were a part of helping save marine animals, in keeping toxicity out of the water, we helped our local economy and created a safer environment for all, plus we got to be outside and meet new passionate individuals was overall a win-win in my book.

Dahiana: Volunteering for the Food Pantry was my favorite out of the other activities we've done so far. Just knowing that we're helping so many families have something to eat, makes me very happy and appreciative of what I have because sometimes we can take it for granted. This was a great activity to do as a team because working together made everything go quickly and smoothly. This activity taught me that we can still have a little faith in humanity.


Ana: I think my favorite thing we have done to give back has definitely been partnering with the Miami Rescue Mission in their Back to School Drive. Growing up, I knew so many kids living in my neighborhood that weren’t as lucky as I. They came to class without enough supplies, old backpacks, and it would break my heart. So much so that I would always ask my parents to buy me extra in case any of my classmates needed a pencil, or paper. I was incredibly happy to donate to this cause with my team so that this would not be the case with kids today. It brought me so much joy to go to the store and pick out school essentials for these kids so that they can get to school well-prepared to learn and not have to worry about what they don’t have. No child should have to feel like they are not well-equipped to be at school.

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