The Perfect Hand Drying Solutions For Schools Across The Nation

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The Perfect Hand Drying Solutions For Schools Across The Nation

Schools and universities around the nation are constantly looking at different hand drying options for their restrooms while considering things like hygiene, cost, and functionality. We might agree that this would require cumbersome research for facility managers who are in the market and would like to possibly minimize their search for the perfect product.

Here are just a few reasons why Saniflow has the best range of high-speed hand dryers that flawlessly complement the inside of any educational institution’s restroom!


Lower noise to minimize interruptions

Some school officials deem hand dryers to be quite loud and a possible disturbance to nearby classrooms. While it is completely understandable, we found a great way to minimize this noise by use of motor adjustment potentiometers located inside the hand dryer. It’s as easy as having the maintenance team uncover the unit with a special key and find the dial. With this dial, it’s possible for the motor power to be adjusted, therefore, if it is lowered, then so are the decibel levels.

Our Speedflow, Speedflow® Plus, Machflow®, and Machflow® Plus all have this feature!



Minimize or remove any water-dripping maintenance

No one wants to use a restroom that continuously has paper towels overflowing the bin or water dripping off to the floor underneath a hand dryer. The Dualflow® Plus hands-in electrical hand dryer is the leading unit for zero messes. It is equipped with a water tank under the unit to capture and collect any excess water that comes off washed hands. When the maintenance or custodial team comes in for cleaning rounds, all they need to do is press the button to release the water into a bucket… that’s it!

Better yet? How about completely getting rid of virtually any needed maintenance? The Dualflow® Plus can be directly connected to the drain pipe with the use of a drainpipe kit. This kit is sold separately and is definitely worth it for high-traffic restrooms just like the ones found in schools and universities.



Keep students and faculty healthy

As Covid-19 has reminded us all, it’s absolutely imperative to minimize contagion from harmful viruses and bacteria by making sure we wash our hands effectively. With clean hands, it only makes sense to use a hand drying solution that is going to keep them clean.

Keeping this in mind, the electric hand drying solutions that Saniflow has manufactured have a variety of new technology methods that are embedded withing the units. For example, our Dualflow® Plus hands-in hand dryer has an BioCote® anti-microbial additive on the plastic surrounding hands when drying. So just in case the user has never been skilled in a game of Operation, they won’t need to worry about re-washing their hands in the event that they touch the sides of this hand dryer.

In addition, we offer units with a HEPA filter media and Ion Hygienic Technology to stop the spread of bacteria in the air and blowing onto hands. Check out the new Machflow® Plus commercial hand dryer for the cleanest dry!

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Save on costs!

If your school or university can save some bucks, why not look for cost-efficient options? Make your return on investment much larger when you opt for the installation of an energy-saving hand dryer, and if you’d like to see exactly how much, you’re more than welcomed to visit our Calculator tab where, not only will you see how much money you can save, but also how much saving your educational facility do for the environment.

Save money AND energy? That sounds like a great deal to me.


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