5 Classic Songs With The Word “Baby” On The Title

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5 Classic Songs With The Word “Baby” On The Title

Need some help finding the perfect song to serenade your fussy baby on the Babymedi diaper changing table, or just to jam out to any time, any place?

Here’s a few of our top picks all with the word “Baby” on the title!


“Baby” - Justin Bieber

Thanks to the musical universe, we experienced the voice of an angel back in 2010 when Justin Bieber came out with Baby. At just sixteen years old, this baby-musician, if you will, kept us in awe with his amazing vocals and continued success. This song is still a jam, though!


“Baby Be Mine” - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was called the King of Pop for a reason and this timeless tune was one that will go down in history as one of his greatest’s… just check out those dance moves!


“…Baby one more time” - Britney Spears

If you’re not a total millennial, just know this is the anthem of our childhood.


“Always be my baby” - Mariah Carey

This all-time classic song was Mariah Carey’s 11th #1 hit track in the US and the second music video that Mariah directed herself. Today, the song is still widely popular with its hard-to-get-out-of-your-head rift “Do do doop dum…”.


“Baby Love” - The Supremes

Baby Love was released in 1964 and hit high up in the charts in the UK as well as the US for several weeks. For those of you who remember Diana Ross before she catapulted to the spotlight, or have spotted this song played in your favorite rom-com, this one’s for you!


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