Wash and Dry Stations: What are they and why are they the best method for hand hygiene?

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Wash and Dry Stations: What are they and why are they the best method for hand hygiene?

What a great motto Alejandro Dumas built in "The Three Musketeers", one of my favorite novels. This mythical phrase, “All for one, one for all” is a symbol of what teamwork, loyalty and effort represent for many in their day to day.

This philosophy, transferred to the world of hand hygiene, means focusing and addressing a process as important as hand washing and drying in a totally comprehensive and transversal way, to radically improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

It is for this reason that hand washing and drying stations such as the All-in-One from Saniflow Corp. are revolutionizing the world of hand hygiene by offering this comprehensive and transversal solution for the entire hand washing and drying process in commercial restrooms.

Let's go by steps: What does a hand washing and drying station consist of?

A hand washing and drying station is an innovative solution that allows hands to be soaped, rinsed and dried in the sink itself, without changing position and without having to move around the restroom, making the cleaning process much easier, safer, and faster for the user – while also being a much cleaner option for the facility and maintenance team.

Hand washing and drying stations include an electric hot air hand dryer, soap dispenser and water faucet, all of which are automatic. Each of these elements can be hidden under the bathroom counter, behind the wall or even behind a mirror cabinet, leaving only the relevant faucets that supplies air, soap and water in view to be accessed. These taps can be located on the same bathroom counter or attached to the wall, just above said counter.

What benefits does a hand washing and drying station provide?

As we have previously mentioned, all the elements that make up a hand washing and drying station (hand dryer, soap dispenser and water tap) are automatic. This means that, to start them, the user does not have to physically interact with any of them. They do so through infrared detectors that detect the presence of the hands when they approach the taps and automatically start them up. This is where the first of these benefits is born: the impossibility of contracting an infection due to cross contamination. As there is no physical contact between the user and the taps, there can be no transmission of germs from the tap to the user's hand, making this a more hygienic option.

The second benefit is the safety and physical integrity of the user. In a traditional public restroom, in most cases, each element involved in the hand washing and drying process is installed in a different place and sometimes very far from the sink itself. It is not surprising that there is a single soap dispenser for several sinks, or that hand dryers or tissue dispensers are also far from the respective sinks. This means that the user performs each phase of hand washing in a different space in the bathroom and, therefore, has to move around. This inevitably causes soap and water to fall to the ground, with the consequent risk of causing slips that trigger an accident due to the user falling to the ground. With a hand washing and drying station, this risk is reduced to a minimum since, as all the hand washing and drying operations are carried out in the same sink, the water and soap do not fall on the floor and therefore slips and accidents can be avoided.

Energy, water and soap savings. This would be the third benefit of an automatic hand washing and drying station. The state-of-the-art Machflow Plus hand dryers that a station such as the Saniflow All-in-One incorporates have low energy consumption. They consume between 80 to 90% less electrical energy than a traditional hand dryer. On the other hand, the use of paper towels is minimized, which also represents significant savings and makes the restroom much more sustainable. Hand washing and drying stations like All-in-One are good for the environment, good for the user and good for business.

A hand washing and drying station allows architects, space designers and interior designers to project much more open-plan, minimalist, elegant and orderly commercial restrooms. This would be the fourth benefit that we would like to highlight. A hand washing and drying station allows us to get rid of some typical barriers in public restrooms. Since objects such as hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, wastebaskets or soap dispensers disappear from the walls and counters, it allows for the space to be used to the maximum and, therefore, much larger, functional and barrier-free restrooms are achieved.

The fifth and last benefit that a hand washing and drying station provides us is saving time for the user. An All-in-One solution allows you to spend less time in the restroom, since the user has all the necessary elements for washing and drying their hands integrated into the sink itself. For this reason, and as we have presented previously, the user does not need to move around the bathroom to carry out the complete process of washing and drying their hands and, in addition, drying of the hands is done efficiently and safely with a hygienic Machflow Plus hand dryer. This greater speed allows for virtually no queue for users to clean their hands in restrooms where there is normally an influx of foot-traffic.

Where to install a hand washing and drying station?

Public restrooms with a high volume of use, such as restrooms in shopping centers, airports, hotels or sports facilities, are the ideal candidates. In all these places, where the influx of people is very high, the hand washing and drying stations fit perfectly since, apart from providing an excellent service, they allow the creation of unique experiences by ensuring that each corner of the restroom conveys the same efficient language. With the All-in-One you can create differential and sustainable spaces, helping to create green buildings with an efficient use of resources and materials.

Washing and drying your hands correctly can save your life and protect your loved ones. With our All-in-One hand washing and drying system, due to its effectiveness and efficiency, we help everyone achieve this goal. All-in-One: “All for one and one for all”.


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